Erica Faulkinbury

Midway gathering: Fair goers crossed paths in a central point.  

Art discussion: People walking through the fair enjoying and commenting on amazing pieces displayed throughout. 

Afternoon view: The crowd continued to brave the heat throughout the afternoon. 

Art tent fun: Families gathered in a tent set up by the Mulvane Art Lab to let people enjoy crafts. 

Blues to eat by: Topeka Blues Society could be heard throughout the fair, playing their soulful sounds.

Beer garden enjoyment: People took refuge from the heat by enjoying a makeshift beer garden.

Artful admiration: A couple women take in the art work at one booth. 

Chow time: People enjoyed the BBQ food trucks available at Saturday's fair. 

Gathering crowd: Not long after the Mulvane Art Fair opened, tons of people came out to enjoy and admire artwork from around the country. 

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