Anna-Marie Lauppe

The blues: Kid Ink bathed in blue during the WUStock concert Sunday Night.

Hands up: Students at the WUStock concert raise their hands in response to a request by the rap artist Rory Fresco. 

Starting off strong: Kid Ink on stage at WUStock on Sunday evening with a member of his posse “Method Man.”

Lights out: Even in the dark Kid Ink and his crew shine through at WUStock on Sunday night. 

Shining bright: Kid Ink outlined in light at the WUStock concert in which he was the star on Sunday Night.

Star status: Rory Fresco, rap artist, performs at WUStock on Sunday evening. Fresco is a rising artist from Kansas City. 

No ‘I’ in ‘team’: Rory Fresco, took the stage with 3-4 friends during his opening set Sunday evening during WUStock. This crew performed with …

Hyped to share: Rory Fresco shared a new song with students of Washburn University Sunday evening that he had wrote earlier that day. 

Eagerly waiting: Students wait for opening act Rory Fresco, Sunday evening for the WUStock concert while student volunteers get ready to guard…

Light it up: Students follow the request of opener Rory Fresco and light up the room, Sunday evening during WUStock. 

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