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Letter from the editor

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Letter from the Editor

Abbie Barth is the Washburn Review's Editor in Chief. Barth is a sophomore majoring in secondary English education.

Welcome back Bods!

This is our first issue of the semester, and we have made a few exciting changes to our paper over the break.

When you picked up our paper, you may have noticed that our header at the top looks very different. As much as we loved our old header, we decided to create a new one that will stand the test of time and remain our permanent header. We wanted to make it more simple and less distracting so that we can focus on what matters— the stories.

We’ve also updated multiple sections within our paper. Both the Crime Report and the Bods on the Block have new logos that complement our new header. We have also updated our “This Week in History” column to distinguish it from the rest of the paper and make it easier to understand.

We hope that the updates we have made to The Washburn Review will enhance your news reading experience and draw you, and more students, faculty and community members, to our campus paper.

The goal of Student Media is to highlight and record all that occurs within Washburn and the community. While I believe that we covered a lot last semester, I believe that we can, and should, do more.

This semester, I would like to ask you, our reader, to tell us what you believe your campus news organization should cover. What are we missing? What are we getting right? What are we getting wrong? Help us showcase everything on campus, from the people doing exceptional things to the systems and processes that are failing to fulfill their purpose.

We are here as your news outlet; therefore, we would like to provide you with content that you find both interesting and beneficial.

If you know of something within Washburn or the Topeka community that you believe our readers should know about, please let us know. You can either contact me at my email: or submit your idea through our website:

Student Media believes that no story or idea is too small or minuscule and each idea is worth looking into, so please, do not hesitate to reach out.

Edited by Adam White, Jada Johnson, Jason Morrison


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